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Babe Ruth Senior Division:

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*New for the 2015 Spring Baseball Season, we will be doing our Snack Bar Schedule by teams this season. Please refer to your team moms to when your teams are responsible for Snack Bar duty! All other policies remain the same.

* All parents are required to volunteer with the league, primarily in the Snack Shack, for a total of 6 hours per child in order to receive their Snack Shack deposit back from the league. If they do not complete 6 hours of volunteering, they forfeit that deposit to the league.

* An entire team's parents DO NOT receive their deposits back by having one person perform 6 hours of volunteering in the name of the team.

* The schedule shows the MINIMUM number of bodies needed in the snack shack for each shift - it is NOT limited to that number of people per shift. HOWEVER, Team Moms need to facilitate the scheduling and PLAN AHEAD by making sure that BOTH OF THEIR TEAM DAYS WILL BE COVERED. For example: please don't send 12 people to work 6 hours each on a Saturday, then not send anyone for a weeknight.

* IF no one from the team assigned is available for their specific day/time, the TEAM MOM MAY CHOOSE TO TRADE DAYS BY CONTACTING ANOTHER TEAM MOM AND MAKING THOSE ARRANGEMENTS. It is each team's responsibility to make sure there is someone that shows up to the Snack Shack.

* Since there are not enough dates/shifts assigned for all parents to complete their 6 hours per child, there is ALWAYS something to do at the Snack Shack and we WELCOME ANY DROP-IN VOLUNTEERS, especially on Saturdays! We are flexible and are happy to assist with anyone wishing to complete their volunteering obligation if they cannot do so with only the shifts assigned to their team.

The goal is to have enough volunteers to provide the Snack Shack services AND to give the parents as many opportunities as possible to earn their deposits back!


2015 Team Snack Bar Schedule

Sign up online for Snack Bar Duty.  Click here, or go to the "Snack Bar Sign Up" section under the "HOME" tab to see what spots are open. *Please note that you need to be registered as a member of this Heartwell website in order to sign up (see "Heartwell Website Instructions" in the "Documents" section if you need further instructions). 

As a reminder, each parent/member must fulfill a 6-hour Snack Bar Duty commitment per player before the Spring 2015 season ends in order to receive back the $60 Snack Bar Deposit.



The mission of Heartwell Baseball Inc., (HCRBRL) is to provide a competitive yet fun and instructional baseball program serving Long Beach and the surrounding communities in our boundaries.


In accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code, HCRBRL shall operate exclusively as a non-profit educational organization providing a supervised program of competitive baseball games. No part of the net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. No substantial part of League activities, for the purpose of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, will be authorized. The League will not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
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Bolivar Park - Lakewood OPEN (4/1) 
CPE - Cerritos OPEN (4/1) 
Del Valle 1 - Lakewood OPEN (4/1) 
Del Valle 2 - Lakewood OPEN (4/1) 
Del Valle 3 - Lakewood OPEN (4/1) 
Heartwell Field 03 - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Heartwell Field 04 - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Heartwell Field 07 - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Heartwell Field 08 - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Heartwell Field 09 - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Heartwell Field 10 - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Los Altos/El Dorado Park - Long Beach OPEN (4/1) 
Mae Boyar 1 - Lakewood OPEN (4/1) 
Mae Boyar 2 - Lakewood OPEN (4/1) 
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